Professional Requirements

In order to be able to judge you must:

Have current membership in both the USAG and NAWGJ organizations.


Be current in your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) requirements.

CPE Requirements:

Annual CPE credits are required to test up to the next level and to be assigned to any USAG sanctioned meets.  The accreditation year is defined as August 1 to July 31st.

Each judge is required to keep their own records including documentation of attendance at approved CPE events.  An Annual CPE record form is to be submitted to the State Judging Director or State CPE coordinator by June 30th of each year.

CPE credit hours can be earned in the following ways:

Clinic Credit Hours: are defined as hours spent at a State, Regional or National organized Congress, Clinic, Course or Symposium.

Level 5,6,7 & 8   – 12 Total CPE hours

6  minimum Clinic hours

2  Clinic hours are allowed to carry over to the next year

Level 9    -16 Total CPE hours

8 minimum Clinic hours

3 Clinic hours are allowed to carry over to the next year

Level 10, Nat. & Brevet –  20 Total CPE hours

10 minimum Clinic hours

4 Clinic hours are allowed to carry over to the next year

Miscellaneous Credit hours:  a maximum number of CPE hours may be used for the following miscellaneous activities:

a)  Coaching  – 6 hours

b)  In Gym with coaches and gymnasts – 6 hours  (Separate from Regional In Gym credit hours.)

c)  Volunteering  – 4 hours

d)  Video or live practice judging that has been pre-approved by the SJD or USAG State Chairman. – 3 hours

South Carolina Criteria for Judging State Meets.

A new judge in South Carolina must practice judge at two meets before being assigned to judge a meet.

A judge must volunteer a minimum of two sessions at ANY State Training Clinic per year;

Volunteering for a State Regional Qualifier Clinic will fulfill one session.

The only exceptions permitted are from circumstances out of the judges control – death in the family, births or accidents.  Petitions are due to the USAG State Chairman by the end of October.

Region 8 Criteria for Judging Regional Meets.

1) You must have attended at least one Regional or National Congress, or Regional Training Camp each year.

2) In Gym Experience. A judge must have completed at least 9 hours of in-gym experience by May 15th each year.  Each experience must be a minimum of 2 hours. The level of gymnasts must be equal to or grater than the level of meet the judge wishes to be considered for. The experience must be interactive, it is not sufficient to sit in the stands and observe a workout.

3) USAG Region 8 Session Tracking.Judges must submit a completed USAG Region 8 Meet and Session Tracking Form. The Meet Referee at each competition should track numbers for each level and provide these numbers to the judging panels at the end of the competition. The numbers should reflex the number of competitors at each level on the rotation sheet. It is not necessary to adjust these numbers for scratches during the session or for touches on an event. Each event should reflect the same number at each level for the competition. Meet Referee’s at meet with multiple sets of equipment can only count the routines in the gym they are in.

A completed Regional Availability Form, In Gym Card and Session Tracking Form must be sent to the Regional Judging Director by May 15th of each year.

2017 National Course Eligibility.

You must be one of the following:

1) Previously rated Brevet or National Judge

2) Level 10 rated judge for 8 years. Must have achieved Level 10 rating by Dec. 31, 2005.

3) Previous Senior National Elite Team member and at least 21 years of age.