New Judges

Welcome to the world of judging women’s gymnastics!

Any individual, at least 16 years of age, that has never held a rating may begin testing at Compulsory Level 4/5 and/or at the Optional Level 7/8.

Membership Requirements

All judges must be professional members of USA Gymnastics and hold a current safety certification in order to judge.

USA Gymnastics
132 E. Washington St., Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(800) 345-4719

NAWGJ Membership Requirements

Judges need to join the National Association of Women’s Gymnastics Judges (NAWGJ). Professional Membership is $60.00 each year.
New certified judges can join NAWGJ for $30 from January 1,2016 to July 31, 2016. This membership will expire 7-31-16. This option must be done via check or money order.  One you have joined further membership renewal may be completed online. Below is the link to the national NAWGJ web page that will give you complete information.

For Membership or further questions please contact
Barbara Tebben, NAWGJ Secretary?

If you prefer to mail a check, simply print out the application form  (on the site) and send the completed form along with the membership fee to the
NAWGJ Secretary,
Barbara Tebben
6913 Rosemary Road Eden Prairie MN 55346.
There is a $30.00 charge for a dishonored check.
NAWGJ Secretary email:

In South Carolina, once you have met all the above requirements and have a rating, you must practice judge at least twice before you can be assigned a meet.

All judges must also become professional members of USA Gymnastics and hold a current safety certification and background check  in order to judge.
USA Gymnastics
132 E. Washington St., Suite 700
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(800) 345-4719

The judging association realizes the expense involved in first becoming a judge. With both memberships, safety certification, testing and uniform costs, several hundred dollars are spent before any money can be earned. In South Carolina, there are opportunities to earn credit toward some of these expenses by volunteering at the annual Judges Cup, a fundraising meet that supports judge’s education.
Please read the South Carolina New Judges Handbook for further information.

Benefits of NAWGJ Membership

• Assignment to meets according to the rating attained.
• Copy of the Judges Operating Guide which includes the NAWGJ Constitution, Operating Code, Code of Ethics, Fee Structure, and other forms and important information.
• Professional Liability Insurance is provided to all members. Coverage is $500,000 per occurrence and valid only for documented activities and competitions assigned by NAWGJ.
• National Website. This will keep you abreast of rule changes, NAWGJ Board Minutes, NAWGJ Symposium information, USAG Congress updates and much more.
• Local newsletters. You will receive newsletters specific to your local area. Each State Judging Director (SJD) is responsible for keeping his/her members informed on trends, clinics, workshops, and meet assignments.
• Education and training. NAWGJ provides training and education at the State, Regional, and National levels.
• NAWGJ library. NAWGJ provides a library with a wealth of information from study tools to videos for review.
• Representation—NAWGJ members are represented on the following committees:
Women’s Technical Committee of USA Gymnastics (USAG)
Women’s Program Committee of USAG
USAG Executive Governing Board

Benefits of NAWGJ Membership for meet directors

For meet directors, there are many advantages of assignment of judges by NAWGJ. NAWGJ is pleased to be of service to organizations in need of contracting gymnastics officials for gymnastics competitions throughout the United States. Our network of volunteer individuals work many hours assigning meets on a local, state, regional and national level. Advantages of contracting officials through the NAWGJ include:
• Quality NAWGJ provides those gymnastics officials who have met Active Status requirements, been actively judging at the level at which they have been assigned, and who are current members of USAG and NAWGJ. NAWGJ assures the Meet Director that each judge assigned has fulfilled requirements which include attendance of recognized clinics, verification of practice judging experience with a higher rated official, and active judging experience. The host club can assume that the officials are familiar with the rules and regulations, which govern the sport of gymnastics, which will in turn maintain the quality of competition.
• Objectivity?NAWGJ strives for objective, impartial judging by communicating with the Meet Director and respective USAG personnel to assign the most qualified judges. A rotational system is used whenever possible based upon geographics, USAG Criteria for the Assignment, and specific needs of the Meet Director.
• Professional Standards?NAWGJ sets standards for ethical behavior, personal appearance and job performance. It is the goal of NAWGJ to train and educate a body of gymnastics officials who are held accountable for their actions in this regard.
• Save Time and Money?NAWGJ saves time and money for the Meet Director and/or host club by taking care of all assigning needs, such as the mailing of contracts, long distance phone calls, arranging possible car pools and securing last minute replacements.